How To Prevent Carbon Monoxide Damage to your Cars?

How To Prevent Carbon Monoxide Damage to your Cars

Vehicles produce a large quantity of carbon monoxide. Since you can’t smell or feel this gas, the risk associated with the damage is high. Always during car servicing Hove, make sure you check the exhaust system of your car. A good exhaust system in working condition reduces the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning within the car.

If you ignore the same, you might not even notice when your car gradually gets filled up with this gas. It causes severe and instant damage to the brain, causing death.

Tips to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in cars

Good working exhaust system

Whenever you take your car for servicing, ask the repair agent to check the exhaust system. Any leaks will fill up the car with carbon monoxide. Hence always make sure that the exhaust system is in perfect working condition. Change or make necessary repairs if you need. Don’t neglect and invite danger.

Discard old models

Older models stores more carbon monoxide compared to the new ones. Hence, keeping a car for more than 10 years is not a feasible decision; it might seem economically a viable decision; however, tuning up is required from time to time if you’re using an old model.

Repair holes in the beater

If there are holes in the undercarriage of your car, repair it immediately to prevent the gas from entering the car. You might not notice, but the gas will enter even while you’re waiting for the traffic to get cleared up. Replace the old beater if necessary.

Carefully run your car

Be careful where you decide to run your car’s engine. Many people prefer doing the same within the enclosed garage premises. Please note that this is a dangerous practice and must be avoided at all costs. Within enclosed premises with windows rolled up, when you run the car, carbon monoxide fills in. Then you’ll stand a high risk of poisoning.

For a wide range of garage services, choose Rapid Auto Centre. We have a range of customer care services at the most affordable rates. Our highly skilled mechanics will check your exhaust system and effectively mark your car as safe. Contact us for more details.

Know the Reasons Behind Sudden Heating and Cooling of Cars

Know the Reasons Behind Sudden Heating and Cooling of Cars

Did you experience sudden heating or cooling of your car’s engine while you’re out on a long drive? This is a common problem. However, many car owners tend to ignore the initial signs. If you find sudden heat-up and cooling of the car, there’s probably some issue with the AC. Regular maintenance and car repairs in Hove is essential to keep the car in running condition.

According to the technicians, there are multi-check points in a car. Thus, frequent repairing and servicing are important. Hiring a professional in these matters can be helpful. Read on to know more about the issues that you might be facing.

What are the common issues with a car’s AC system?

Refrigerant issue

The car’s air conditioner can make noise sometimes, and you’ll find that the car is not getting cold. These are sure shot signs of a low level of refrigerant in the AC. For this, you need to take the car to the mechanic and get a top-up coolant installed. Depending on the model of the car, the coolant variants may differ.

Leaks in condenser

Condenser leaks reduce the effectiveness of the car’s AC. This is a very common problem and can be fixed in no matter of time. Check for leaks from time to time. If you find a large visible leak, take the car to the mechanic and fix it. Moreover, your condenser is placed at the front of the car; hence the mechanic will easily remove it and replace it with a new one. On the other hand, if the leak is very small and hardly visible, then a mere seal will be enough to serve the purpose.

Compressor damage issues

One of the primary signs of a damaged compressor is the car temperature is high, and the AC is not cooling the same. Moreover, a damaged compressor makes noises while running, and the clutch will not move smoothly. Compressor issues will make the AC non-functional. The AC will start emitting warm air.

What are the common issues with car’s heating systems?

Damaged heater core

This is a mini radiator and is generally made of aluminium or brass. The function of the heater core is to keep the car warm. However, an ample number of problems might crop up with your heater core. You need to maintain this critical part of the heating system. Unfortunately, myriad problems may crop up, but you’ve to be alert and get the same repaired at the earliest.

Issues with thermostat

If your thermostat encounters any problem, then surely there’s no way you can repair it. In such cases, the only step that the mechanics take is to replace the thermostat with a new one. It is a vital component of the overall heating system of the car; thus, good care must be taken.

At Rapid Auto Centre, we provide a wide range of car servicing and repair services for every make and model of car. Hence, hire our experts for any heating and cooling issues that your car is facing. Call us and book your appointment now.

4 Signs that can Fail an MOT Testing of your Car

4 Signs that can Fail an MOT Testing of your Car

MOT tests are unavoidable and hence should be voluntarily undertaken by all car owners. This test has been designed to check the running conditions of your car. Hence be a responsible citizen and get your MOT testing done as early as possible. You can easily clear the tests if you have good car maintenance. However, if your car suffers problems, then it will surely fail in the MOT. A failing certificate points to the fact that the car is not safe on the road.

Here are some common signs that result in MOT failures.

Broken bulbs

Lights are essential for the car if you want to drive the same at night. Without the signal lights, you won’t be able to communicate with other road users. Hence during an MOT test, this is a high priority concern. If you avoid mending the signal lights and indicators, your car will fail the test for sure. Hence keep them clean and fix them well before you take your car for MOT tests.

Damaged brake pads

Brakes are the most important part of the car. Especially for driving the car during the monsoons and snows, having a good hold over the brake pad is essential. If you hear any grinding or squealing sound while applying the brake, then they are sure shot signs of brake problems. Fix them before you take your car for MOT tests. This is a very important cause behind the failure of the test.

Damaged suspension

It’s very common for cars to hit potholes now and then. Hence by looking under the vehicle, you might not understand the suspension issues. Rather keep your ears open and look out for the sounds that suggest that your suspension has been damaged. If the mechanics feel that your suspension is damaged, they’ll surely fail you in the MOT tests.

Blocked windscreen

For safe driving facilities, you must be able to see the road ahead clearly. If your windscreen becomes obscured, then there’s a high probability of facing accidents. Thus, during the MOT tests, windscreen wipers and the condition of the screen are checked thoroughly. These damages are easy to fix. Hence get them repaired before you go for an MOT test.

If you’re facing any minor or major car problems, bring your car to Rapid Auto Centre. Our reliable and experienced team of mechanics will service every aspect of your car and make it eligible for passing the MOT test in one go. We also offer affordable MOT tests and high-quality repairs. Hire us and be safe on the road.

What Kind of Garage Services You Will Have at Rapid Auto Centre?

What Kind of Garage Services You Will Have at Rapid Auto Centre

While looking for reliable and efficient garage services in Brighton, you may come across many names. To obtain the right care for your car, you need specialists. At Rapid Auto Centre, you can get such high-class services for your vehicle.

You can trust us to carry out a complete diagnosis of your car and deliver you accurate and honest reports. Our team has highly skilled and experienced automobile technicians who can check and handle cars of various makes and model.

Let’s have a look at the premium garage services that Rapid Auto Centre provides to its customers.

What Makes Us Different from Other Service Providers

There is something that you can only find in Rapid Auto Centre whenever you visit this garage. Apart from having highly qualified mechanics and garage experts, we have something outstanding to offer our clients to suit their requirements and budget.

Premium Customer Service:

For us, nothing is more important than our clients’ happiness. Hence, we offer premium customer services to make sure that everyone coming to our garage receives equal attention and services. We care for their time and understand their desire to get the job done correctly.

Fully Insured Company:

Dealing with Rapid Auto Centre means achieving mental peace. We are a fully insured company offering guaranteed services to our clients while dealing with their vehicles.

Tyres and Brakes Specialists:

Apart from general car mechanics, we have tyres and brakes specialists who can check the tyres and brakes of your vehicles to ensure their long life and functionality.

High-Quality Repairs:

From general car servicing to MOT – our garage experts always ensure premium quality repairs for all types of cars we receive in our garage.

Guaranteed Services:

We provide guarantee for all parts we use while repairing or replacing various segments of your car to ensure safety and durability.

MOT Testing:

Our experts are available for affordable MOT testing and servicing in Brighton. You can easily get complete MOT testing for your vehicles from our trusted and experienced mechanics.

FORD Specialists:

If you are looking for a FORD specialist in your area for your new Ford car, we are right here to provide you with the most authentic services.

Our company also provide free or no-obligation quotes to the clients before starting the work. Once the clients send us the approval, we start the servicing or the repairing.

For more information, kindly get in touch with us.

How to be Sure that You Have Chosen a Great Garage?

How to be Sure that You Have Chosen a Great Garage

Choosing an excellent garage for your car is something similar to finding the right doctor for your family. A doctor ensures the good health and risk-free life of your family members. Similarly, the car mechanics of a reliable garage diagnose issues in your vehicle and advice the right treatment for your car. From general car maintenance to emergency car repairs – a good garage always offer a wide range of services.

Hence, it is necessary to find out a great garage in Hove Brighton for your car that can provide you with the right services and mental peace.

Factors to Consider in a Garage

Location: It is important to find a great garage near your home or workplace so that you can easily visit that place whenever you require.

Services: From MOT to emergency care repairs – reliable garages in Brighton offer a wide array of services to diagnose, treat and rectify the faults in your car.

Team Members: A good garage can have expert mechanics, but a great garage will have highly efficient and trained professionals in every department, including car cleaning, car maintenance, and customer service.

Flexibility and Convenience: Ensure that the garage you choose offers flexible garage services to their clients. They should be available at the convenience of the car owners.

Emergency Services: A garage that provides emergency services to car owners is a trusted one. You can call them anytime your car needs support.

Insured and Guaranteed Services: Experienced and reliable garages always offer fully insured and guaranteed services to their clients to make them happy.

Competitive Prices: You should compare the price of general garage services of different service providers in your area to find the most affordable one.

On-Time Delivery: Delay in the delivery of your car is something you never wish to experience when you send it to a garage. Your car mechanic must not fail the deadline and deliver the car on time.

At Rapid Auto, we deliver high-class garage services for car owners located in Hove Brighton. If you need any of our car services, please get in touch with us.

3 Critical Signs That Your Car Needs Repair and Maintenance Service

3 Critical Signs That Your Car Needs Repair and Maintenance Service

For every car owner, it is crucial to take their vehicle for regular servicing and maintenance. This way, you can ensure that your car is in a well-functioning condition while also guaranteeing utmost safety on the roads. You should also identify the signs that indicate a specific problem with the vehicle. It is a significant determinant that your car needs specialised care, which you can avail from professional car repair and maintenance experts.

Signs That Your Car Needs Repair and Maintenance Service  

  1. Flashing Warning Lights

If you notice this sign, it is an indication that the car is facing some trouble with the engine. It can also occur if the car’s service is due, therefore signalling that you should get the engine checked and inspected thoroughly by an expert. The flashing light on the dashboard of the car is a proper indication that you must book your vehicle for immediate servicing and maintenance by a professional company.

  1. Strange Noises

If your car starts making weird and strange noises, you should consider taking it to service before its condition deteriorates faster. You can also consider certain other factors such as –

  • Squealing noises which can feel like a high pitched squeal while you turn on the ignition. This means that the cambelt is worn out or lose. It can also come from broken brake pads.
  • If there is a scrapping noise, it means that some part of the car has broken or damaged excessively. The tyres can scrap from the wheel arches etc.
  • Other than this, there can be uneven engine noise, louder than usual noise from the exhaust, sound while changing gears etc.
  1. Oil Repair

Problems like oil leakage in the car can progress into severe problems if not taken to immediate servicing. It can progress into a myriad of other significant issues, thus forcing you to incur huge costs. Hence, you can check for it by inspecting the engine closely. If it is reviving louder than usual sounds during acceleration or starting, you should get your car oil checked or replaced.

Secondly, oil fumes or smells from the tailpipe are other essential factors worth considering. If the engine creates visible exhaust vapours, it is time that you change the oil. This way, you can prolong the lifespan of the machine and keep it in good condition. Consequently, the car will also emanate high-quality performance.

At Rapid Auto Centre, you can avail of high-grade car maintenance and repair services at affordable price rates. Our qualified experts ensure that you can enjoy the utmost vehicle performance, drivability and efficiency after thorough inspection and evaluation.

When Does Your Car Need Garage Services?

Garage Services

The last thing a car owner wants is his vehicle breaking down in the middle of the road due to faulty parts. However, vehicles typically show some signs to prove their inefficiency or incapability. You need to recognise those signs and take your car for garage services in Southwick.

You do not need to be an automobile expert to understand if or when your car needs servicing. Some common signs will help you to get a clear picture of the performance and efficiency of your vehicle.

When Your Vehicle Asks for It

Car manufacturers add systems in a vehicle to let users be aware of its condition. For example, a yellow “check engine” light indicates that you should take your car for engine servicing. This light could indicate different types of engine issues. Hence, you should take your car to a garage for servicing, where experts will diagnose the problem accurately. There are cars with service light as well. This light will inform you when your regular car servicing is due.

Weird Noise Coming out of the Car

If you notice any strange noise coming out of your car whenever you start the engine or drive it for an extended period – you should consider it as a sign. High-pitched squealing noise indicates issues in the cambelt. Whenever you hear such sounds coming out of your car, you should fix an appointment with your garage experts.

Faulty or Unusual Brake Activity

While driving, if you feel that your car’s brake is not working correctly or there are some unusual activities in this part, you should take your car for servicing as soon as possible. Driving a vehicle with a faulty brake is highly risky.

At Rapid Auto Centre, we offer a range of garage services to ensure your car’s high efficiency and safety. Our experts have vast knowledge and training for car servicing. Please get in touch with us for more information.

Factors Which Impact The Cost Of Car Maintenance Services

Factors Which Impact The Cost Of Car Maintenance Services

If you don’t want your expensive car to stop in the middle of the road one fine day, take it to a garage at fixed intervals for servicing. A few car owners think that servicing and repairing their vehicles from reputable garages will punch a hole in their pocket. If you are one of them, it’s high time you debunk the myth.

Not only are there numerous garages scattered all over Portslade offering car maintenance services at a price which suits your budget but you can even ask them to customise their services. You can even save a few more pounds by knowing the common factors that can impact your car maintenance services’ cost.

Need Car Maintenance In Portslade? Know The Common Factors Which Impact Its Price

  • The Car’s Use

You have to spend more on car maintenance services if the person driving it is indisciplined. You have to incur low maintenance costs if the driver knows how to use it the right way. They should undergo proper training and always try to prevent the vehicle from getting into accidents. You can even delay car servicing if you can take proper care of the vehicle. A careful driver always means fewer repairs.

  • The Package You Are Choosing

To make car maintenance more affordable for car owners, a majority of the garages let them choose from a wide variety of car maintenance packages. If you are not sure which one will suit your needs and budget the best, talk with your mechanic. They will assess the condition of your car and let you know whether it requires special care. Be very careful when choosing a package if you own an expensive car like Lexus or Mercedes – Benz.

  • The Auto Repair Centre

You might have to spend a bit more on car maintenance in Portslade if you fail to choose the right service provider. Look for someone reputable like Rapid Auto Centre. They have carved a niche in the automobile industry by providing a range of services at competitive prices. They offer services on a range of make and models including Ford in their garage.

It’s time to visit Rapid Auto Centre for car maintenance at competitive prices.

Preparation for MOT Testing – Everything Explained

Preparation for MOT Testing

Taking the MOT Test can be stressful for any vehicle owner. Your car must pass the test to be able to run on the road.

So, what can you do to make sure your vehicle passes its MOT Testing in Brighton factors and gain the passage to be motorable? Let’s find out.

Important Pre-MOT Checklist

  • Wipers – Start with the easiest car parts. Faulty wipers can fail you the test, but if you notice their flaw beforehand, you can replace them yourself and pass the test.
  • Head and Tail Lights – Let’s move on to the more crucial parts. Head and tail lights should not be broken or flickering. This is one of the biggest reasons why cars fail the MOT Test.
  • Brake – You should not be driving with a faulty break anyway. If your car is sitting in the garage for long, take it on a ride around the block and see if it works fine.
  • Horn – Often we drive with a faded-out horn sound or even without one. That is going to make you fail the test. Get your horn fixed loud and clear before the test.
  • Tyre Tread – According to law, your car’s tyre tread depth should be 1.6 mm. This is important not only to pass MOT but for your safety as well.

Rapid Auto Centre is a class 4 MOT Testing centre, and they are legally authorised to test any regular car or van.

4 Things to Check in a Garage Before Getting Car Servicing from There

4 Things to Check in a Garage Before Getting Car Servicing from There

Cars need regular maintenance and servicing to be on their best form when you drive them on the roads. Regular car service makes the vehicle durable and road-ready. You can avoid various issues in your car when you take it to a local garage for regular servicing. However, before you take your car to any garage for repairs or service, you should check a few things to ensure that you will be offered the best services.

Most Important Factors to Consider

  1. The Experience of the Mechanics

A car can be checked and repaired by any mechanic, but to obtain the most reliable services; you need the support of the most experienced team. Look for the garage that has certified, licensed and experienced mechanics in their team. These experts can understand the main issued in your car while inspecting the same. They will suggest you the right kind of repairs and execute the job seamlessly.

  1. Types of Services They Offer

A certified and authorised garage must offer a wide range of car repairs services to their clients as per their needs. It should include car body repairs, MOT, car engine repairs, replacement of the motor parts, car cleaning etc. The more tasks they can execute the better service you can expect.

  1. Types of Guarantee

The certified and authorised car mechanics always offer guaranteed services to their clients. From the service to the body parts; everything comes with a certain warranty period. You should check their norms well before taking your car to the garage.

  1. The Price of the Service

Get free quotes from different garages located near to you at Hove. You should look for the most affordable Hove car servicing experts. Compare the rates of different service providers to get the best one.

Rapid Auto Centre can offer you complete car repairs and car servicing support at a reasonable cost.