3 Critical Signs That Your Car Needs Repair and Maintenance Service

For every car owner, it is crucial to take their vehicle for regular servicing and maintenance. This way, you can ensure that your car is in a well-functioning condition while also guaranteeing utmost safety on the roads. You should also identify the signs that indicate a specific problem with the vehicle. It is a significant determinant that your car needs specialised care, which you can avail from professional car repair and maintenance experts.

Signs That Your Car Needs Repair and Maintenance Service  

  1. Flashing Warning Lights

If you notice this sign, it is an indication that the car is facing some trouble with the engine. It can also occur if the car’s service is due, therefore signalling that you should get the engine checked and inspected thoroughly by an expert. The flashing light on the dashboard of the car is a proper indication that you must book your vehicle for immediate servicing and maintenance by a professional company.

  1. Strange Noises

If your car starts making weird and strange noises, you should consider taking it to service before its condition deteriorates faster. You can also consider certain other factors such as –

  • Squealing noises which can feel like a high pitched squeal while you turn on the ignition. This means that the cambelt is worn out or lose. It can also come from broken brake pads.
  • If there is a scrapping noise, it means that some part of the car has broken or damaged excessively. The tyres can scrap from the wheel arches etc.
  • Other than this, there can be uneven engine noise, louder than usual noise from the exhaust, sound while changing gears etc.
  1. Oil Repair

Problems like oil leakage in the car can progress into severe problems if not taken to immediate servicing. It can progress into a myriad of other significant issues, thus forcing you to incur huge costs. Hence, you can check for it by inspecting the engine closely. If it is reviving louder than usual sounds during acceleration or starting, you should get your car oil checked or replaced.

Secondly, oil fumes or smells from the tailpipe are other essential factors worth considering. If the engine creates visible exhaust vapours, it is time that you change the oil. This way, you can prolong the lifespan of the machine and keep it in good condition. Consequently, the car will also emanate high-quality performance.

At Rapid Auto Centre, you can avail of high-grade car maintenance and repair services at affordable price rates. Our qualified experts ensure that you can enjoy the utmost vehicle performance, drivability and efficiency after thorough inspection and evaluation.

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