Car Battery Dead or Discharged – Know From Professional Garage Services

Professional Garage Services

Does your car start after repeatedly trying? Often, the battery is the main culprit. However, is your battery dead or discharged? Understanding the difference is difficult, especially for novice car owners. Take your car to Hove’s professional garage services and check your batteries.

The mechanics will conduct a few tests on the battery to confirm its condition.

What are the signs of a discharged battery?

A battery gets discharged when it has very low power. If you have a discharged battery, you can easily get it repaired and recharged again. Sometimes, car owners leave the radio, AC, and lights of the car open for a long time, cutting off the power of the battery.

Here are a few signs that suggest that the battery has been discharged.

Slow engine crank sound

If you hear a cranking sound when starting the car, then the battery might have been discharged. During such times, the engine will struggle more than usual to get started. This is the initial sign that your battery has been discharged from its power supply.

Dimming of the lights

Suppose the car’s headlight or dashboard light is dimmer than the usual light. Then, the battery of the car might be experiencing a low power supply. These lights generally require fully charged batteries to operate.

Jumpstarting of cars

Does your car need to jumpstart often? If so, this is not a good sign. It is a positive sign that the car’s battery has been discharged and needs to be fixed.

What are the signs of a dead battery?

A discharged battery can be repaired; however, if your car’s battery is dead, then you need to replace it at the earliest to let your car function well on the road. Here are a few signs of a dead battery.

Car not restarting

Did you put the key on the ignition button without any success? If no lights or sound are coming out of the car’s engine, the battery is probably dead, and hence, the car is not restarting.

Old batteries

If your car’s batteries have become old, they will probably die. The average lifespan of old batteries is 3 to 5 years. So, if your battery is out, it’s time to replace it.

Swollen battery case

If the battery case has swollen up or become bloated under such conditions, the battery has become dead.

Rapid Auto Centre is a reputable garage service that provides top-quality car servicing for all car servicing needs. To learn more, get in touch with us.

Signs That Your Car Needs Brake Repairs to Ensure Safety

Signs That Your Car Needs Brake Repairs to Ensure Safety

Regular car servicing is important for a safer and smoother driving experience. Whether it’s the brakes or any other parts of your car, a professional mechanic will identify the problems early and fix them. You should visit the garage company, experienced in providing a range of garage services in Brighton. Here are some signs that indicate your car brakes need to be repaired or replaced.

How to Understand If Your Car Brakes is Damaged

  1. High-pitched Screeching: Pay attention when you hear a loud screeching sound while applying brakes. However, it doesn’t mean it will give out any minute. It comes from a tiny metal piece built into your brake pads to tell you when the pads are getting low and need replacement soon. You can go to a professional mechanic to assist you.
  2. Wear and Tear: Inspect your brake pads. You can see them between the wheels’ spokes, pressed against a metal rotor. Pads less than a quarter inch thick need to be replaced.
  3. Brake Pedal Vibration: Wrapped rotors cause vibration or pulsating via the brake pedal. However, not just irresponsible braking causes warping. Extremely old and thin rotors are also vulnerable to warping and need attention.
  4. Screeching Despite New Pads: Not all the high-pitched screeching or other noises from your brakes hint at brake pad replacement. Sometimes it also means your rotors are glazed, resulting from excessive braking. It eventually heats up and burns the metal. A dark ring or blue marks on the rotors ask for a replacement. 
  5. Slow Stopping Response: If you’re in a situation that requires applying brakes quickly, but it feels like the brakes aren’t functioning fast enough or are responding slowly, this could indicate a leak in the braking system. 
  6. Extremely Sensitive Brakes: If even the gentlest touch on brakes jerks your car to a stop, you need a brake fluid exchange or your rotors have worn down unevenly. 
  7. Driveway Puddle: Check under your car to see if your brake system is leaking fluid. 

At Rapid Auto Centre, we offer a wide range of garage services, including complete car servicing, tyre fitting and replacement, brakes repair and others. You can rely on your vehicle with us. Contact us today or check our website for more information about our services. 

Why Should you Avail Immediate Garage Services in Brighton?

Why Should you Avail Immediate Garage Services

Every car needs immediate breakdown services after any collision or accident. Sometimes the damages are not noticeable; however, some internal damage might exist, which can reduce the lifespan and mileage of the car in the long run. Thus, if you choose not to change the parts and keep going with the same defects, you can end up in another fatal accident with the defective car on the road. Hence, taking the car to the garage for services immediately after a breakdown is necessary.

Brighton’s garage services from professionals can help your car move safely on the road. Here’s a list of a few instances that will give you signs that your car needs to be taken to the garage immediately.

Why should you get your car serviced after a breakdown or accident?

Car starting problem

Generally, the battery of a car is long-lasting and will last for about 5 years without causing any trouble. However, if you find that the relatively new model of your car is not starting, then there’s a high chance that the battery has been damaged due to the collision. If you think that the car is not starting because of gas or oil issues, you must get the battery checked by the garage professionals. Collisions and accidents can cause sudden problems or irreparable damage to the car’s battery.

Issues with tyres

After the collision, you must check the tyre’s condition. If you find any crack on the outer wall of the tyres, then take your car to an experienced garage service and get the same repaired at the earliest. If you keep using the car with these cracks, then there’s a high chance that the tyres will get further damaged. Replace the same and improve the mileage of the car.

Oil leaks

Car owners fail to notice the oil leaks most of the time. If you suddenly notice dark oil stains on the driveway, then definitely it’s time to get your car checked from the nearby garage. Collisions can cause oil leaks and sudden breakdown of the oil recovery option. Even if there’s no oil leakage, getting the same checked after an accident is essential.

Take your car to Rapid Auto Centre, a reputable garage servicing centre in Brighton. We provide all types of car repair services at an affordable rate. To know more, check our website.

4 Smart Tips to Avoid Overpaying at A Local Garage

4 Smart Tips to Avoid Overpaying at A Local Garage

It’s common knowledge that every car owner needs to take the car to a professional garage if any problem arises. However, some mechanics are taking a large sum of money from the clients in the name of car services, whereas the service they provide is of minimal quantity. Unless you’re a car expert, it isn’t easy to validate the authenticity of the bills that the garages charge. Visiting a renowned garage service in Brighton will help you to get the right value for your car services.

If you’re having double thoughts about the prices you’re paying for your car repairs, then use these smart tricks and pay a reasonable cost for all types of garage services you’ve undertaken.

How to avoid overpaying in a local garage?

Enquire about the changes

If you’re not an expert with cars, then make sure you inquire completely about the changes made in the car before paying the bill. Make sure that you check every part in detail. If the mechanic has changed in part of the car, then make sure that you check the original price of the part before agreeing with the amount mentioned in the bill.

Take an experienced person

It is always a wise decision for someone along with you to the garage when discharging your car. Dishonest mechanics often target ignorant customers. If you’re accompanied by someone who is experienced and an expert in handling car issues, you’ll surely be able to validate the amount mentioned in the bill.

Read the car manual

Even if you’re a novice in such matters, make sure that you’ve read the car’s manual well before taking the same to the mechanics. The manual will give you a fair idea of the parts present in your car. Hence, you can put forward your point if you find the mechanics going out of the direction.

Visit a renowned garage

It is always a wise decision to visit a renowned garage and approach trustable mechanics so that you’re not deceived. A personal recommendation is an effective process of getting hold of a good garage service that can be helpful in the long run. You’ll find most people recommending an independent garage; again, people suggest approaching franchisee garage as well. Check the reviews and the ratings before confirming the same.

Rapid Auto Centre is a reputable garage providing garage services in Brighton at an affordable rate. Visit our garage and avail the best-priced services for your car.

Top 3 Measures Taken by Your Garage for Annual Car Servicing

Top 3 Measures Taken by Your Garage for Annual Car Servicing

Owning a car gives you many responsibilities. One of these is to take it for a regular servicing session. It is necessary to maintain the good condition and smooth run of your vehicle.

A Garage Gives the Best Assistance:

To better focus on your car problems, it is advisable to visit a professional garage. They have trained mechanics who can provide the best assistance for your car’s maintenance. They follow some basic routines to ensure a smooth run.

Popular Works in Annual Car Servicing:

In this blog, we will talk about the top 3 maintenance processes taken by the mechanics. These are the basic works that keep your car in fine running condition.

  1. Checking the Battery: The battery is important equipment in your car. It undergoes a lot of work during a drive. So your car servicing centre gives attention in checking its condition. The garage will replace the battery if they find any issues related to starting the vehicle or maintaining a steady charge.
  2. Changing the oils: The engine requires lubrication more often than you think. If you use it frequently but do not take it for regular maintenance, you may face some problems. The engine oil should be changed whenever your car completes a total run of 3000-6000 miles.
  3. Tyre Alignment: The car’s tyre needs the most attention for a hassle-free drive. After a long run, the tyres may get uneven due to the pressure. Tell your garage to take a look at the tyres if you want better control.

These are some basic annual car servicing work that you can find in Rapid Auto Centre. We are well known for servicing different cars in Hove, Brighton. Enjoy a smooth ride with the help of annual maintenance work from our experts.

Few Reasons To Repair And Service Your Car In Spring

Few Reasons To Repair And Service Your Car In Spring

Though you don’t have to worry about the performance of a car you have recently bought, issues might crop up over time. Buying a car is a big investment. You can make your vehicle last longer by taking it to a reputable garage for repair and servicing at the right time. Though winter is a mild season, your car has to endure a lot of wear and tear. Ignoring the minor issues can make them complicated over time. If you want to ensure a smooth and safe driving experience, get in touch with a reputable company for car repair and servicing.

Few Reasons You Need Garage Services In Spring

  • Worn Out Tires

Your car tyres have to endure a lot during spring because of the snow. Servicing your car will make it easier for you to switch from snow tires to all-season tires. If you fail to inspect them before winterizing your car, you might notice rubber splitting, cracks, bulges or worn-out tread.

  • Fluid Top Up

Winter is quite hard and long so there is a high chance that the car fluids are not at the right levels. Take your car to a garage and the mechanic will let you know whether you have to top up the windshield washer fluids, coolants, antifreeze or engine oil. Keeping the vital car fluids at a lower level can later lead to costly car repair.


  • Hoses And Belts

The condition of the belts and hoses in your car can deteriorate due to extreme temperature fluctuations in winter. The cold weather and hot air blowing from the engine can impact the condition of the rubber. Every part of your car should be in good condition if you want your vehicle to pass the MOT test.

Since there are so many benefits of repairing and servicing your car in spring, it’s time you get in touch with the mechanics at Rapid Auto Centre.

Reputed Car Garages vs Dealership Garage Services in Southwick – Choose the better option

Reputed Car Garages vs Dealership Garage Services in Southwick - Choose the better option

Reputed car garages are different from that of the dealership garage services. If you own a luxury car, then dealership garage services in Southwick are a more feasible option. On the contrary, a reputed garage is a good option for normal car repair services. Depending on the type of service you need, you should choose the garage. Many car owners have found reputed garages to be more feasible than dealer garage services.

Here’s a list of car owners’ considerations before choosing reputed or dealership garage services for their cars.

5 factors to be kept in mind while selecting a garage service

Price of the service

Generally, a reputed garage’s repair costs are lower than the dealership garage service. Depending upon the budget, you can choose the more feasible option. Moreover, always select an authentic dealer for luxurious car repair services. On the contrary, if you have got a minor repair and a low valued car, you can opt for reputed garage service.

Parts availability

If you’re looking for authentic car parts, then a dealership garage is the best option where you’ll definitely find the parts. In the case of a reputed garage, most of the parts are generally unavailable. If you’re satisfied with the duplicate car parts, a reputed garage is a good option.

Type of service

In a reputed garage, you’ll get a friendlier and personalised service. If you choose the same for the maintenance needs, you’ll get more customised service. On the other hand, a dealership garage is very professional. You can’t get the best out of it. They will offer your repair and servicing packages which you have to avail if you take your car there.

Communication with mechanic

A reputed garage is not very professional, and hence you can easily talk to mechanics about the problems your car is facing. Many customers choose dealership garages because they feel that these garages are more authentic. However, communicating with the mechanic seems difficult in such garages. Hence, you can select a reputed garage if you want a more informal approach.

Unnecessary charges

A reputed garage will not force you to make unnecessary changes or servicing for your car. But if you take the car to the dealership garage, you might be forced to service the same and make many unnecessary changes that might not be the need of the hour.

Rapid Auto Centre is one of Brighton’s best reputed local garage services where we repair all types of vehicles. Check our website for further details.

How to be Sure that You Have Chosen a Great Garage?

How to be Sure that You Have Chosen a Great Garage

Choosing an excellent garage for your car is something similar to finding the right doctor for your family. A doctor ensures the good health and risk-free life of your family members. Similarly, the car mechanics of a reliable garage diagnose issues in your vehicle and advice the right treatment for your car. From general car maintenance to emergency car repairs – a good garage always offer a wide range of services.

Hence, it is necessary to find out a great garage in Hove Brighton for your car that can provide you with the right services and mental peace.

Factors to Consider in a Garage

Location: It is important to find a great garage near your home or workplace so that you can easily visit that place whenever you require.

Services: From MOT to emergency care repairs – reliable garages in Brighton offer a wide array of services to diagnose, treat and rectify the faults in your car.

Team Members: A good garage can have expert mechanics, but a great garage will have highly efficient and trained professionals in every department, including car cleaning, car maintenance, and customer service.

Flexibility and Convenience: Ensure that the garage you choose offers flexible garage services to their clients. They should be available at the convenience of the car owners.

Emergency Services: A garage that provides emergency services to car owners is a trusted one. You can call them anytime your car needs support.

Insured and Guaranteed Services: Experienced and reliable garages always offer fully insured and guaranteed services to their clients to make them happy.

Competitive Prices: You should compare the price of general garage services of different service providers in your area to find the most affordable one.

On-Time Delivery: Delay in the delivery of your car is something you never wish to experience when you send it to a garage. Your car mechanic must not fail the deadline and deliver the car on time.

At Rapid Auto, we deliver high-class garage services for car owners located in Hove Brighton. If you need any of our car services, please get in touch with us.

When Does Your Car Need Garage Services?

Garage Services

The last thing a car owner wants is his vehicle breaking down in the middle of the road due to faulty parts. However, vehicles typically show some signs to prove their inefficiency or incapability. You need to recognise those signs and take your car for garage services in Southwick.

You do not need to be an automobile expert to understand if or when your car needs servicing. Some common signs will help you to get a clear picture of the performance and efficiency of your vehicle.

When Your Vehicle Asks for It

Car manufacturers add systems in a vehicle to let users be aware of its condition. For example, a yellow “check engine” light indicates that you should take your car for engine servicing. This light could indicate different types of engine issues. Hence, you should take your car to a garage for servicing, where experts will diagnose the problem accurately. There are cars with service light as well. This light will inform you when your regular car servicing is due.

Weird Noise Coming out of the Car

If you notice any strange noise coming out of your car whenever you start the engine or drive it for an extended period – you should consider it as a sign. High-pitched squealing noise indicates issues in the cambelt. Whenever you hear such sounds coming out of your car, you should fix an appointment with your garage experts.

Faulty or Unusual Brake Activity

While driving, if you feel that your car’s brake is not working correctly or there are some unusual activities in this part, you should take your car for servicing as soon as possible. Driving a vehicle with a faulty brake is highly risky.

At Rapid Auto Centre, we offer a range of garage services to ensure your car’s high efficiency and safety. Our experts have vast knowledge and training for car servicing. Please get in touch with us for more information.

What to Get in a Reliable Garage Service in Southwick

Reliable Garage Service

If you own a car, then you must know what you can expect from your garage service provider or your car mechanic. Nevertheless, a lot of car owners consider the garage service limited to some typical services offered by the mechanics. The fact is there are a lot more things that can be included in professional garage services in Southwick than you can even imagine.

Let’s see what to get in a reliable garage service for your car.

Services You Can Obtain

Perfect Diagnosis of the Issue

Most of the time, car owners are not able to identify the critical problems in their car. They feel that something is wrong in their car but fail to understand the matter. A professional car mechanic will examine the car in his garage and diagnose the problem. Proper diagnosis is required for the right solutions.

Determine the Types of Services

Once the diagnosis of the car is made, now it is the time to get the treatment. A certified and experienced car mechanic can determine what type of servicing or repairing should be done to your car to get rid of the problem. This saves time and money of the car owners.

Full Servicing of the Car

When we say “full servicing” we literary mean the same. A professional and reliable garage will offer complete servicing to your car from the breaks to the body and from the engine to the headlights. No matter which part needs the repair, these experts will handle the job with proficiency and honesty.

Emergency Repairs

Your car may need emergency repairs and servicing. Visit your local certified and licensed garage for the same. Some of them are open for 24×7 to offer emergency repairing to their clients.

Therefore, it is important to know what to expect from your garage or your car mechanic and how to obtain the best out of them. They are the doctors of your car, and they will always take good care of your vehicle.