Preparation for MOT Testing

Taking the MOT Test can be stressful for any vehicle owner. Your car must pass the test to be able to run on the road.

So, what can you do to make sure your vehicle passes its MOT Testing in Brighton factors and gain the passage to be motorable? Let’s find out.

Important Pre-MOT Checklist

  • Wipers – Start with the easiest car parts. Faulty wipers can fail you the test, but if you notice their flaw beforehand, you can replace them yourself and pass the test.
  • Head and Tail Lights – Let’s move on to the more crucial parts. Head and tail lights should not be broken or flickering. This is one of the biggest reasons why cars fail the MOT Test.
  • Brake – You should not be driving with a faulty break anyway. If your car is sitting in the garage for long, take it on a ride around the block and see if it works fine.
  • Horn – Often we drive with a faded-out horn sound or even without one. That is going to make you fail the test. Get your horn fixed loud and clear before the test.
  • Tyre Tread – According to law, your car’s tyre tread depth should be 1.6 mm. This is important not only to pass MOT but for your safety as well.

Rapid Auto Centre is a class 4 MOT Testing centre, and they are legally authorised to test any regular car or van.

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