4 Signs that can Fail an MOT Testing of your Car

MOT tests are unavoidable and hence should be voluntarily undertaken by all car owners. This test has been designed to check the running conditions of your car. Hence be a responsible citizen and get your MOT testing done as early as possible. You can easily clear the tests if you have good car maintenance. However, if your car suffers problems, then it will surely fail in the MOT. A failing certificate points to the fact that the car is not safe on the road.

Here are some common signs that result in MOT failures.

Broken bulbs

Lights are essential for the car if you want to drive the same at night. Without the signal lights, you won’t be able to communicate with other road users. Hence during an MOT test, this is a high priority concern. If you avoid mending the signal lights and indicators, your car will fail the test for sure. Hence keep them clean and fix them well before you take your car for MOT tests.

Damaged brake pads

Brakes are the most important part of the car. Especially for driving the car during the monsoons and snows, having a good hold over the brake pad is essential. If you hear any grinding or squealing sound while applying the brake, then they are sure shot signs of brake problems. Fix them before you take your car for MOT tests. This is a very important cause behind the failure of the test.

Damaged suspension

It’s very common for cars to hit potholes now and then. Hence by looking under the vehicle, you might not understand the suspension issues. Rather keep your ears open and look out for the sounds that suggest that your suspension has been damaged. If the mechanics feel that your suspension is damaged, they’ll surely fail you in the MOT tests.

Blocked windscreen

For safe driving facilities, you must be able to see the road ahead clearly. If your windscreen becomes obscured, then there’s a high probability of facing accidents. Thus, during the MOT tests, windscreen wipers and the condition of the screen are checked thoroughly. These damages are easy to fix. Hence get them repaired before you go for an MOT test.

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