Surprising Facts about MOT

MOT or Ministry of Transport is a kind of inspection that every vehicle in the UK has to go through to prove its efficiency and safety as a drivable car. You should contact your nearest MOT testing centre or MOT testing expert for this. These experts know MOT inside out. Rapid Auto Centre is one of them. The experts of this company can help you to get some interesting facts and figures about MOT.

Most Interesting Factors about MOT

  • 1960 was the year when MOT came into action in the UK for the first time.
  • Breaks, steering and lights are the three components of the vehicles which were initially checked.
  • At that time vehicles, over ten years old had to be tested under MOT.
  • In 1967, the rule of MOT tests for vehicles had dropped to three years, and it is still the same.
  • Every year more than 30 million cars are tested as per the regulations of MOT.
  • Every year almost 64% of cars pass this test which makes the failure rate 4/10.
  • The final pass rate is near about 72%, which can be possible only after having the essential upgrades in the vehicle.
  • There are various reasons why a vehicle can fail MOT, in which lighting and signalling come higher.
  • Cars can fail MOT multiple times and need to be repaired and upgraded to pass this.
  • MOT testers check the vehicles in and out to see all the parts of the cars, especially breaks, lights, tyres and suspension.
  • MOT is not the regular car servicing which you can do at any standard garage.
  • There are specially trained and highly skilled car mechanics who perform MOT for different types of vehicles in the UK.
  • Even a regular garage is not the right place for MOT; instead, you should look for an authorised MOT testing centre in the UK.
  • It is required to book your MOT testing schedule earlier to avoid a long waiting time.

Rapid Auto Centre is a reputed and trusted MOT centre located in Brighton. We have trained MOT experts and all the instruments to undertake the job of testing your car for MOT. However, our garage is also available for regular car servicing and repairing.

When you need our services, please get in touch with us.

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