Reasons to Keep Regular Oil Change in Your Car Servicing Routine

Reasons to Keep Regular Oil Change in Your Car Servicing Routine

Having a car is inarguably the fulfilment of one of your cherished dreams in life. However, as an owner, you must take proper care to ensure the vehicle remains pristine. This would also enable you to use the vehicle for a longer period.

The Need for Regular Maintenance:

To make your cherished possession rule the highway even after years of buy, you must follow a proper maintenance routine. It includes various kinds of preventative maintenance, including inspection of the condition of the engine and wheels. A vital routine among them is checking the oil and lubricant levels in the car.

Why Change Engine Oil on a Frequent Basis?

On average, a car needs an oil check after every 4000 to 6000 miles. However, if you think you need to perform it earlier, you must not stop yourself. Visit a source offering car servicing in Hove today. The reasons for frequent oil checking and changing are mentioned below.

  • Removal of Debris: Oil collects different impurities, like dust and contaminants. This happens as the fluid circulates through the engine. Over time, it may thicken and create a harsh operating environment. As a result, it becomes hard for the car engine to perform well. In the long run, it may affect the fuel and power efficiency of the vehicle. The oil change process drains out the old oil and eliminates all the contaminants.
  • Proper Lubrication: This is another major cause for frequently changing the car oil and lubricant. Lubrication helps to move the vital parts of the car engine. Without a proper supply of car oil, the components would grind together, causing them to wear down and affect the working condition of the vehicle. Not changing the motor oil in time would make you replace the engine and cause other engine trouble.
  • Engine Temperature Regulation: The operating temperature of a car engine can be controlled effectively by the engine oil. They can reduce and absorb the heat caused by friction. When the oil ages, it won’t be able to perform this task. This puts the engine at risk of overheating. The cooling system can regulate the temperature, while the assistance of the oil prevents expenditure in engine damage.

These are a few major reasons to regularly check and change the engine oil. To get help from an expert garage, you must contact Rapid Auto Centre. We are a well-known name for car servicing in Hove that can provide you with a wide range of automobile repair and maintenance services. For more information, you can visit our website today.

Do You Have a Classic Vehicle? MOT Testing Facts that You Should Know

MOT Testing Facts that You Should Know

Classic cars are a valuable possession for vehicle enthusiasts. While most keep them as an item for showcasing their choice of luxury, a large number of people still drive them with a few restoration works. For these types of vehicles, the MOT Test requirements are a bit complex.

The Rules for MOT Testing for a Vintage Car:

If you are in possession of a classic car currently, you must adhere to the various MOT rules that apply to them. While some cars are exempt from this vehicular test, some may need greater attention than modern vehicles. It is important to communicate with your nearby source for MOT Testing in Hove to clarify these facts.

Major Requirements for Classic Vehicle MOT Testing:

In this blog, we discuss the common questions regarding MOT Tests for classic vehicles. These will help you gather some vital information and proceed accordingly.

Do You Really Need MOT for Your Classic Car?

In certain scenarios, you may be prompted to take your vintage ride for an MOT test. However, if the vehicle was registered 40 years back and has not undergone any technical changes in the last three decades, you may not need to take it to an MOT Testing source.

What is Considered a Substantial Technical Change for the Cars?

One can find out a number of factors while looking for substantial changes in a classic vehicle. These changes should not have been done at least for the last three decades. The main components added in the ‘substantial mechanical changes’ are:

  • Changes to the engine and number of cylinders
  • Specific changes to the chassis and subframe
  • Modification to the axle or running gear, i.e. steering or suspension

How to Declare a Classic Car for MOT Exemption?

To make your vehicle eligible for MOT Exemption, the vehicle must undergo the DVLA historical vehicle registration process. Here, you need to fill out a form, either online or offline. In this form, you must produce details about the vital details of the vehicle. You may also have to produce vehicle tax reminders and insurance certificates.

These are a few important requirements that you must remember for MOT Testing in Hove. You can follow these to keep your classic possession updated to shape. For better assistance, you can get in touch with Rapid Auto Centre. As a trusted source for MOT Tests, we have served a number of customers in the last few years. To learn more about our service, you can visit our website today.

Vital Steps to Follow if Your Car Fails its MOT Test

Vital Steps to Follow if Your Car Fails its MOT Test

If you are a car owner driving in the UK, you must have a clear idea about MOT. It is a vital inspection schedule to ensure you drive your vehicle in perfect condition. From headlamps to the bonnet, everything gets examined during this procedure.

Failing MOT Test is Not a Big Deal:

To pass the MOT test convincingly, many car owners pay a last-minute visit to their garage. Though it may save them on D-Day, many car owners may not have that much luck. It is natural to see many vehicle owners failing their MOT Testing in Hove. If you face such a situation, you must consider it part of the process.

What to do If You Fail the MOT Test?

When you fail the MOT Test for your car, you have to prepare for a re-test after following a few vital steps. We discuss more about them in the following section.

Step 1: Study the MOT Testing report in Detail

After you receive the information about your car failing the MOT test, ask for a copy of the report. Your next task is to study the report and find the reasons for the failure. It would contain a detailed take on the reasons for failure and suggest steps about what needs to be done.

Step 2: Contact Your Garage for A Complete Repair

After you know in depth about the damage that led to your car’s MOT failure, you must pay a visit to your garage. If your garage is licensed for MOT Tests, you need not worry. Their professionals can take up the vital task of repair and offer you an estimate of the total repair work.

Step 3: Get the Car Repaired

If the quote offered by your garage matches your budget, go for the repair job. This is a vital need that will help your car get back its legal permission to be on the road. The repairs should be enough to get the certificates all right for your vehicle.

Step 4: Go for the MOT Test Again

Once the repair is done, it’s time to go for the MOT Test again. You can perform this test in your garage immediately after the repairs. Otherwise, it is good to visit a different garage.

By following these vital steps, you will definitely be successful in going past the MOT Test for your vehicle. To prepare before the test, you can visit Rapid Auto Centre. We are known for our efficient car repair service, which will surely help your car get the fit certificate at MOT Testing in Hove. To learn more about us, you can visit our website.

Four Commonly Asked Questions About Periodic Car Service

Four Commonly Asked Questions About Periodic Car Service

Like all other machines, cars are a financial commitment that decreases in value over time. When serviced properly, a vehicle can provide steady transportation for many years. Over time, periodic upkeep preserves a car operating smoothly. In future, higher-priced repairs may also be avoided with its assistance. Hence periodic car service is a good option. Make sure you take your car to professionals for car service in Hove.

Why do you need periodic car service?

Regular maintenance is necessary to maintain the performance and safety of the vehicles. Without regular upkeep, a car’s condition might deteriorate quickly. Furthermore, the car’s reliability and security could be jeopardised. Therefore, routine maintenance is crucial. Regular maintenance keeps the vehicle in good condition and averts any problems. Additionally, it avoids later, expensive repairs and replacements. Likewise, it improves the car’s fuel economy.

Common questions asked about periodic car service

What does periodic car service cover?

A car’s routine maintenance service involves examining and repairing various parts. Most regular upkeep involves engine components, suspension, brakes, tyres, etc. Some of the services you can expect during periodic car service include complete scanning of the car, checking the front and rear brakes, and ensuring the coolant top-up and brake oil top is in good condition.

What signs suggest that you need periodic service?

When a car needs upkeep, alert indicators will start to appear. A car is an item of machinery that ages through ordinary wear and tear. The model and age of the vehicle affect how often repair needs to be done. However, you’ll encounter a few warning signs suggesting it is time for periodic car maintenance. For instance, if you find sluggish acceleration, difficulty with starting of engine and continuous leaking of the fluids.

Is getting periodic maintenance effective in the long run?

In the long run, regular auto maintenance pays off. As it avoids future expensive repairs, it is economical. Expensive repairs or replacements are frequently avoided by identifying any issues early on. Your car will operate better and more efficiently with PMS service, saving you money on fuel. Additionally, it can aid in lowering the chance of a breakdown and avoiding unnecessary costs. Therefore, over the years, regular upkeep benefits the car owner.

What happens when you don’t avail of regular maintenance service?

The likelihood of mechanical problems occurring more frequently increases if the car needs to be properly serviced. It will require pricey replacements and repairs. The car’s parts may wear out quickly and break down without routine maintenance. Additionally, the warranty on a poorly maintained car can be worthless. It implies that the owner will be in charge of paying for any repairs or replacements. According to the document, Regular servicing is needed for the manufacturer’s warranty to be effective.

Approach Rapid Auto Centre for professional car service in Hove. We have a team of mechanics who can help with all types of car services. To know more, check our website.

Signs That Your Car Needs Brake Repairs to Ensure Safety

Signs That Your Car Needs Brake Repairs to Ensure Safety

Regular car servicing is important for a safer and smoother driving experience. Whether it’s the brakes or any other parts of your car, a professional mechanic will identify the problems early and fix them. You should visit the garage company, experienced in providing a range of garage services in Brighton. Here are some signs that indicate your car brakes need to be repaired or replaced.

How to Understand If Your Car Brakes is Damaged

  1. High-pitched Screeching: Pay attention when you hear a loud screeching sound while applying brakes. However, it doesn’t mean it will give out any minute. It comes from a tiny metal piece built into your brake pads to tell you when the pads are getting low and need replacement soon. You can go to a professional mechanic to assist you.
  2. Wear and Tear: Inspect your brake pads. You can see them between the wheels’ spokes, pressed against a metal rotor. Pads less than a quarter inch thick need to be replaced.
  3. Brake Pedal Vibration: Wrapped rotors cause vibration or pulsating via the brake pedal. However, not just irresponsible braking causes warping. Extremely old and thin rotors are also vulnerable to warping and need attention.
  4. Screeching Despite New Pads: Not all the high-pitched screeching or other noises from your brakes hint at brake pad replacement. Sometimes it also means your rotors are glazed, resulting from excessive braking. It eventually heats up and burns the metal. A dark ring or blue marks on the rotors ask for a replacement. 
  5. Slow Stopping Response: If you’re in a situation that requires applying brakes quickly, but it feels like the brakes aren’t functioning fast enough or are responding slowly, this could indicate a leak in the braking system. 
  6. Extremely Sensitive Brakes: If even the gentlest touch on brakes jerks your car to a stop, you need a brake fluid exchange or your rotors have worn down unevenly. 
  7. Driveway Puddle: Check under your car to see if your brake system is leaking fluid. 

At Rapid Auto Centre, we offer a wide range of garage services, including complete car servicing, tyre fitting and replacement, brakes repair and others. You can rely on your vehicle with us. Contact us today or check our website for more information about our services. 

Tips For Choosing the Perfect Garage For Mot Testing in Hove

Tips For Choosing the Perfect Garage For Mot Testing in Hove

MOT refers to Ministry of Transport Tests are important annual tests to check your car’s health and roadworthiness. You should have a current MOT to legally drive your car on the road. A new car doesn’t require MOT, but a car older than three years need to carry out MOT before driving. Choosing the best MOT testing centre in Hove is essential for your car, and here are some factors you should look into in a garage before taking your car there.

Factors to Find the Appropriate Garage For MOT Testing

Check whether they are approved for Carrying out Mot Testing: Look for a government-approved testing centre, as there are a lot of garages with all the relevant tools and equipment to conduct the test. However, their test results will not give you the best resell value.

Check whether their Services include a thorough Car Inspection: MOT testing includes checking all the vital car parts like lighting and signalling equipment, suspension, steering, seat belts, brakes, tyres & wheels, body structure, drivers road views, exhaust and fuel emissions, registration plates, bonnet, electrical wiring & battery, windscreen, wipers & washers, doors, and others. If any garage denies you for the examination of overall car parts, look for another.

Check Mechanics’ License and Certification: Before handing over your car, ask the mechanics who will handle it to show their certification and license. You can also pay a surprise visit to the garage to see their technical skills. This will help you to make a better decision for your car.

Additional Services: A qualified garage will also offer other services to meet their client’s requirements depending on the cars. 

Friendly Staff: No matter how well-skilled and experienced a car repair centre is, you can’t choose the one where the staffs are not friendly and responsive to your requirements. While entrusting your car to others’ hands, it is an important factor as you may have a bunch of questions about your car; you would not be able to ask those with rude staff.

We at Rapid Auto Centre are qualified to carry out any car or van test. Our advanced equipment and well-trained mechanics ensure clients’ satisfaction. We offer various garage services like brake repairs, full car servicing, professional tyre fitting service and others. Contact us today if you are looking for the best garage for MOT testing in Hove and the surrounding areas.

5 Car Parts were Checked During MOT Tests

5 Car Parts were Checked During MOT Tests

Car owners know that having a valid MOT certificate is essential for their vehicles. The MOT test itself is designed to ensure that all the major components of a car are in good working order. If any of these parts fail, the car must be repaired before being presented for an MOT again. There are a few common car parts that are inspected during MOT tests. Always take your car to professional and certified centres for MOT testing in Hove. 

This blog post will look at five common car parts checked during an MOT test. 

What are the common car parts inspected during MOT tests?


During an MOT test, the brakes on your car will be tested for efficiency and effectiveness. This includes checking the brake fluid levels and ensuring that the handbrake works correctly. Any defect in the braking system will cause you to fail an MOT test.  


All lights must work correctly during an MOT test, including indicators, headlights, rear lights, fog lights and brake lights. Also, it’s important to check that all bulbs work as they should and do not create flickering or dimming effects.

Fuel System 

The fuel system needs to be checked during an MOT test as well. This includes checking the fuel lines and pipes for any signs of leakage or damage. Also, it’s important to ensure that there are no blockages in the fuel system that could prevent your engine from running correctly.  

Tyres & Wheels 

Tyres and wheels need to be checked during an MOT test as well. This includes checking the tread depth and overall condition of tyres and wheels, as well as making sure there is no damage or signs of wear which could affect your driving performance in any way. It’s also important to check tyre pressure regularly, as low tyre pressure can significantly reduce your fuel economy over time. 

Suspension & Steering 

During an MOT test, suspension systems and steering components will also be checked for any signs of damage or wear-and-tear, which could affect your driving safety on the roads in any way. It’s important to ensure all suspension components are in good condition before presenting your car for its next MOT test so you know it will pass with flying colours. 

Approach Rapid Auto Centre for MOT testing in Hove. We have an expert team of technicians who can help you with proper advice on MOT tests. To know more, check our website.

Car Service Basics: Top 3 Reasons Why Your Car’s Brake Pads Wear Out

Car Service Basics: Top 3 Reasons Why Your Car’s Brake Pads Wear Out

When you go out on the road with your ride, you should always ensure it’s in top condition. We are talking about more than just checking the condition of your engine or clutch. You should also take care of other technical components of your car, like the braking system.

Maintain the Brake Pads Regularly:

The brake pads have significant importance among all your vehicular units. A well-maintained brake pad can help to stop your car without a problem. The car manufacturer will tell you to maintain your brake pad after 70000 miles. However, it is better to hit a car service in Hove to check the brakes after every 25000 miles.

Why Do the Car Brake Pads Wear Out?

If you do not take your car for regular servicing, your brake pad may sustain heavy damage. We mention the reasons for these damages in the following section of the blog.

  • High-Speed Drive: If you tend to drive with a heavy foot, there’s a greater chance that the brake pads will wear out quickly. The pads experience more strain to put a speeding vehicle to a halt. When you drive at a medium or slow speed, it becomes easier for the pads to put your car to a halt. As a result, these have lesser chances of damage.
  • Overloaded Drive: You may be driving with an overloaded weight if your car has an additional trailer or excessive luggage. When you try to stop your car with a lot of weight, there’s a chance of damage to the brake pads. This, in turn, wears out the pads and significantly reduces the car braking system’s lifespan.
  • Not Driving in Lower Gears: When you apply lower gears, your car naturally goes on at a slow pace. If you tend to downshift the speed while driving in a higher gear, your brake pads will sustain serious damage. You can also try speed moderation in automatic and manual control vehicles. This will help you change between gears easily and control the speed when you drive downhill. As a result, your brakes will remain in perfect condition.

Taking care of the brake pads is an important requirement if you consider your car valuable. Try avoiding these mistakes to experience a smooth drive. To diagnose the problems of the car brake pads, you can consult a trustworthy source like Rapid Auto Centre. We are one of the prominent car services in Hove, where you can get quality work from trusted professionals. To learn more, you can visit our website.

5 Tips for Car Maintenance During Changing Seasons

5 Tips for Car Maintenance During Changing Seasons

Car maintenance is an important consideration and must be maintained throughout the year. However, problems with cars generally occur when the seasons are about to change. From extremely humid summers to the freezing winters, you’ll notice that the mileage and performance of the car go down. To keep your vehicle running smoothly, even when the seasons change, you can get expert maintenance tips for the professionals in the garage. They also provide services for car repairs in Hove.

How to take care of a car during changing seasons?

Check the condition of the tires 

Tyres are the most affected parts of the car, and tyres are the first part that gets affected whenever the seasons change. For instance, the tyres freeze during the winter, and during the summer, the tyres unfreeze again. Hence the rubber present in the tyre tends to expand and retract with the temperature changes. Hence whenever the season changes, you must get the tyres checked immediately. 

Check the level of fluids

You must check the level of fluids and refill the same as the weather conditions change. When the temperature drops, it is essential that you mix the antifreeze mixture in the fluid so that the fluids remain in normal condition. You must keep checking the level of fluids, so they don’t get out of level.

Inspect the brakes nicely

Ice and snow during the winter can result in the skidding of cars. Hence before winter arrives, you must get your brakes checked. Again when the ice melts, it adds excess moisture to the brake fluid. To present such issues with the brakes. It would be best to focus on checking your brakes whenever the seasons change. 

Take care of heating and conditioning

When the seasons change, the car’s air conditioner and heater are checked. This will allow you to stay comfortable in the car during extreme weather conditions. So during the winters, your heater must work well, while your air conditioner must be in its best condition during the summers. Thus, whenever the season changes, take your car to the mechanic for a thorough check-up of the car’s internal systems.

Have a look at the battery

It is easy to forget about the battery since it’s placed inside the car. Whenever the temperature changes from humid to cold freezing weather, ensure you get the battery checked by the mechanic. 

For a wide range of garage services and car repairs in Hove, approach Rapid Auto Centre. Bring your car to us for a complete car body checkup. To know more, check our website.

What Happens When You Take Out Your Car without MOT?

mot certificate

The MOT Test is an important annual test related to your car maintenance. It is regarded both as a moral obligation and a legal requirement. The main objective of receiving an MOT Certificate is to ensure your car is suitable for driving. It also ensures that it doesn’t pose a threat to the passengers or pedestrians.

Driving without MOT is Illegal:

Nearly in all circumstances, driving without an MOT certificate is deemed illegal. If your MOT Certificate is older than three years, you should visit an MOT Testing in Hove. The test can help you solve most of the vehicular faults or issues. As a result, you can restore the standard of driving your vehicle on the roads.

Penalties for Not Taking Out an MOT Certified Vehicle:

In this blog, you can get a detailed discussion about the consequences of driving your car without an MOT certificate.

Penalties: When you cannot show an updated MOT Certificate upon request, you are liable to pay hefty fines. According to a minor change in MOT Laws in 2018, the fines can go up to £1000. In case your car has some dangerous faults, you may have to cough up a higher amount. In addition to that, you will receive three points against your licence. If you get fined twice in three years for not driving with an MOT, you may be banned from driving for six months.

Insurance and Other Benefits: The financial benefits against your car will also become null and void when you drive without MOT. The car insurance providers generally certify a car against insurance after checking all the documents. If your car is not roadworthy, they have all the reasons to remove your vehicle from their insurance.

Parking: It is illegal to park a car on a public road like a Highway which has lived up to its MOT certification period. If it’s reported, your car can be seized, and you have to pay a hefty fine. You will face this ordeal even if you have fully insured and cleared the taxes of the car.
To avoid all these tough situations and recurrent fines, it’s better to get your car MOT Certified on time. If you want it done from a well-known source, you can visit Rapid Auto Centre. We are one of the leading names in MOT Testing in Hove. Our business is a Class 4 MOT Testing Centre. We have all the usual equipment and technical assistance. To know more, you can visit our website today.