Do You Have a Classic Vehicle? MOT Testing Facts that You Should Know

Do You Have a Classic Vehicle MOT Testing Facts that You Should Know

Classic cars are a valuable possession for vehicle enthusiasts. While most keep them as an item for showcasing their choice of luxury, a large number of people still drive them with a few restoration works. For these types of vehicles, the MOT Test requirements are a bit complex.

The Rules for MOT Testing for a Vintage Car:

If you are in possession of a classic car currently, you must adhere to the various MOT rules that apply to them. While some cars are exempt from this vehicular test, some may need greater attention than modern vehicles. It is important to communicate with your nearby source for MOT Testing in Hove to clarify these facts.

Major Requirements for Classic Vehicle MOT Testing:

In this blog, we discuss the common questions regarding MOT Tests for classic vehicles. These will help you gather some vital information and proceed accordingly.

Do You Really Need MOT for Your Classic Car?

In certain scenarios, you may be prompted to take your vintage ride for an MOT test. However, if the vehicle was registered 40 years back and has not undergone any technical changes in the last three decades, you may not need to take it to an MOT Testing source.

What is Considered a Substantial Technical Change for the Cars?

One can find out a number of factors while looking for substantial changes in a classic vehicle. These changes should not have been done at least for the last three decades. The main components added in the ‘substantial mechanical changes’ are:

  • Changes to the engine and number of cylinders
  • Specific changes to the chassis and subframe
  • Modification to the axle or running gear, i.e. steering or suspension

How to Declare a Classic Car for MOT Exemption?

To make your vehicle eligible for MOT Exemption, the vehicle must undergo the DVLA historical vehicle registration process. Here, you need to fill out a form, either online or offline. In this form, you must produce details about the vital details of the vehicle. You may also have to produce vehicle tax reminders and insurance certificates.

These are a few important requirements that you must remember for MOT Testing in Hove. You can follow these to keep your classic possession updated to shape. For better assistance, you can get in touch with Rapid Auto Centre. As a trusted source for MOT Tests, we have served a number of customers in the last few years. To learn more about our service, you can visit our website today.

Vital Steps to Follow if Your Car Fails its MOT Test

Vital Steps to Follow if Your Car Fails its MOT Test

If you are a car owner driving in the UK, you must have a clear idea about MOT. It is a vital inspection schedule to ensure you drive your vehicle in perfect condition. From headlamps to the bonnet, everything gets examined during this procedure.

Failing MOT Test is Not a Big Deal:

To pass the MOT test convincingly, many car owners pay a last-minute visit to their garage. Though it may save them on D-Day, many car owners may not have that much luck. It is natural to see many vehicle owners failing their MOT Testing in Hove. If you face such a situation, you must consider it part of the process.

What to do If You Fail the MOT Test?

When you fail the MOT Test for your car, you have to prepare for a re-test after following a few vital steps. We discuss more about them in the following section.

Step 1: Study the MOT Testing report in Detail

After you receive the information about your car failing the MOT test, ask for a copy of the report. Your next task is to study the report and find the reasons for the failure. It would contain a detailed take on the reasons for failure and suggest steps about what needs to be done.

Step 2: Contact Your Garage for A Complete Repair

After you know in depth about the damage that led to your car’s MOT failure, you must pay a visit to your garage. If your garage is licensed for MOT Tests, you need not worry. Their professionals can take up the vital task of repair and offer you an estimate of the total repair work.

Step 3: Get the Car Repaired

If the quote offered by your garage matches your budget, go for the repair job. This is a vital need that will help your car get back its legal permission to be on the road. The repairs should be enough to get the certificates all right for your vehicle.

Step 4: Go for the MOT Test Again

Once the repair is done, it’s time to go for the MOT Test again. You can perform this test in your garage immediately after the repairs. Otherwise, it is good to visit a different garage.

By following these vital steps, you will definitely be successful in going past the MOT Test for your vehicle. To prepare before the test, you can visit Rapid Auto Centre. We are known for our efficient car repair service, which will surely help your car get the fit certificate at MOT Testing in Hove. To learn more about us, you can visit our website.

5 Car Parts were Checked During MOT Tests

5 Car Parts were Checked During MOT Tests

Car owners know that having a valid MOT certificate is essential for their vehicles. The MOT test itself is designed to ensure that all the major components of a car are in good working order. If any of these parts fail, the car must be repaired before being presented for an MOT again. There are a few common car parts that are inspected during MOT tests. Always take your car to professional and certified centres for MOT testing in Hove. 

This blog post will look at five common car parts checked during an MOT test. 

What are the common car parts inspected during MOT tests?


During an MOT test, the brakes on your car will be tested for efficiency and effectiveness. This includes checking the brake fluid levels and ensuring that the handbrake works correctly. Any defect in the braking system will cause you to fail an MOT test.  


All lights must work correctly during an MOT test, including indicators, headlights, rear lights, fog lights and brake lights. Also, it’s important to check that all bulbs work as they should and do not create flickering or dimming effects.

Fuel System 

The fuel system needs to be checked during an MOT test as well. This includes checking the fuel lines and pipes for any signs of leakage or damage. Also, it’s important to ensure that there are no blockages in the fuel system that could prevent your engine from running correctly.  

Tyres & Wheels 

Tyres and wheels need to be checked during an MOT test as well. This includes checking the tread depth and overall condition of tyres and wheels, as well as making sure there is no damage or signs of wear which could affect your driving performance in any way. It’s also important to check tyre pressure regularly, as low tyre pressure can significantly reduce your fuel economy over time. 

Suspension & Steering 

During an MOT test, suspension systems and steering components will also be checked for any signs of damage or wear-and-tear, which could affect your driving safety on the roads in any way. It’s important to ensure all suspension components are in good condition before presenting your car for its next MOT test so you know it will pass with flying colours. 

Approach Rapid Auto Centre for MOT testing in Hove. We have an expert team of technicians who can help you with proper advice on MOT tests. To know more, check our website.

What Happens When You Take Out Your Car without MOT?

mot certificate

The MOT Test is an important annual test related to your car maintenance. It is regarded both as a moral obligation and a legal requirement. The main objective of receiving an MOT Certificate is to ensure your car is suitable for driving. It also ensures that it doesn’t pose a threat to the passengers or pedestrians.

Driving without MOT is Illegal:

Nearly in all circumstances, driving without an MOT certificate is deemed illegal. If your MOT Certificate is older than three years, you should visit an MOT Testing in Hove. The test can help you solve most of the vehicular faults or issues. As a result, you can restore the standard of driving your vehicle on the roads.

Penalties for Not Taking Out an MOT Certified Vehicle:

In this blog, you can get a detailed discussion about the consequences of driving your car without an MOT certificate.

Penalties: When you cannot show an updated MOT Certificate upon request, you are liable to pay hefty fines. According to a minor change in MOT Laws in 2018, the fines can go up to £1000. In case your car has some dangerous faults, you may have to cough up a higher amount. In addition to that, you will receive three points against your licence. If you get fined twice in three years for not driving with an MOT, you may be banned from driving for six months.

Insurance and Other Benefits: The financial benefits against your car will also become null and void when you drive without MOT. The car insurance providers generally certify a car against insurance after checking all the documents. If your car is not roadworthy, they have all the reasons to remove your vehicle from their insurance.

Parking: It is illegal to park a car on a public road like a Highway which has lived up to its MOT certification period. If it’s reported, your car can be seized, and you have to pay a hefty fine. You will face this ordeal even if you have fully insured and cleared the taxes of the car.
To avoid all these tough situations and recurrent fines, it’s better to get your car MOT Certified on time. If you want it done from a well-known source, you can visit Rapid Auto Centre. We are one of the leading names in MOT Testing in Hove. Our business is a Class 4 MOT Testing Centre. We have all the usual equipment and technical assistance. To know more, you can visit our website today.

5 Things to Check Before Taking Your Car for MOT Testing in Hove

5 Things to Check Before Taking Your Car for MOT Testing in Hove

MOT testing is an annual safety checking process to ensure that the vehicle meets all the safety standards before you can drive the same out on the road. The test is mandatory for all cars, and during the test, a few specific parts of the car are checked. If the car passes the MOT test without any faults, then your car is completely ready for the road.

However, many times, the car might not pass the MOT test because of a minor problem present in the car. Under such circumstances, before taking the car for MOT testing in Hove, ensure you get the same checked by the local mechanics.

There are a few key things you’ll want to check first. Here are 5 of the most important car parts that should be checked before taking the car for the final MOT test.

What are the things to check before taking the car for the MOT test?

Tyre tread and pressure

Ensure your tires have enough tread and are inflated to the proper pressure. This will help ensure a smooth ride and good gas mileage. A minimum tyre tread needs to be maintained in the tyre. Ask the mechanic about the same.

Lights and reflectors

All of your car’s lights and reflectors should be in working order. This includes headlamps, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals. It is unsafe to drive without these, but you could also fail your MOT test.

Windshield wipers

Check that your windshield wipers are in good condition and can effectively clear away rain, snow, or debris. Your car can’t pass the MOT test with defective windshield wipers as they help clear away the water and give the driver a clear view of the road ahead.


Your horn should be loud and clear. If it’s not working properly, you’ll need to fix it before your MOT test. For obvious reasons, a horn is an important part of the car. Horns alert cars and people walking on the road about the incoming vehicle. Hence without a proper functioning horn, your car will not get a clearance certificate from the MOT testing centres.

Oil level and condition

Check your car’s oil level and ensure it’s clean and debris-free. This is important for the longevity of your engine. This is an essential aspect that helps to pass the test.

Bring your car to Rapid Auto Centre. We are a class 4 MOT testing centre qualified to test regular cars for MOT with advanced equipment. To know more, check our website and book your dates.

What are the truths behind the MOT Tests?

What are the truths behind the MOT Tests?

For those who are aware of the term MOT test, it is an annual test which is performed to check the vehicle safety, conditions of the vehicle parts, judge the roadworthiness aspects and the type of emissions the car is producing. In simple terms, a car is required to pass the test to be eligible to be on the road. However, during an MOT test, the engine clutch and gearbox condition remain unchecked.

It is always illegal to drive a car without a valid MOT. If your card has failed the test, it is better to get it checked by a professional mechanic and approach the centre for MOT testing in Hove to fix the issues that are persisting in your car.

However, a few myths related to this testing process need to be discarded before going to a testing centre. Read on and get enlightened.

3 common myths related to MOT tests

Myth 1: Car fails MOT Test if lights don’t work
Many car owners feel that if the car’s front and rear end lights are not working correctly, the car will fail the test. If there is a problem with the bulbs, don’t panic; get them changed before you take your car out on the road. However, this is not a legal requirement and hence doesn’t affect the result of the MOT test.

Myth 2: Spare tyres must be legal

If the spare tyre is kept in the car and is not used during the mot test, it doesn’t play any role in the result. Many believe that the spare tyre must be legal for the car to pass the test.
However, this is a myth that needs to be discarded.

Myth 3: No insurance, no problem

Regardless of circumstances, a car’s insurance is a must and is a legal requirement. Although this is not a part of the MOT testing process, even if you pass the test, you may get into trouble on the road if you drive a car without insurance.

At Rapid Auto Centre, we provide complete MOT testing services. We have a team of mechanics who can help you with MOT tests. To know more check our website.

Useful Tips to Consider for A Successful MOT Testing

Useful Tips to Consider for A Successful MOT Testing

MOT Testing is an integral part of maintaining your car’s safety and functionality. After passing the test, you get a safety certificate valid for a year. You should maintain it regularly if your car is older than three years.

Reasons for unsuccessful MOT Testing:

Various defects in the car prevent the car owners from clearing the MOT Test. 40% of the first-timers fail the test for various reasons. A thorough check by a professional car servicing before going to an MOT testing station can help to eliminate a lot of issues.

Maintain these Parts to Pass the MOT Testing:

In this blog, you can find some useful tips to find out the issues in your car. Fixing these issues can help you clear the MOT testing in Hove, Brighton.

  • Tread Depth: This is an important safety feature related to the car tyre. Maintaining the tread depth of the tyre is integral for better gripping on the road. You might fail the MOT test if your tyre tread depth is below 1.6mm. An expert in car servicing can find out the actual tread depth of the tyres.
  • Brakes: You should check the brakes of the car before going for an MOT test. You should not ignore if your car makes a screeching noise or pulls to the side. These problems are the main reasons you could fail the MOT test. You should maintain the fluid levels of the brake too.
  • Lights: The car lamps are a big reason why people fail the MOT test. You should see that all of them are running in perfect working condition. Don’t take time to replace the damaged or faulty car lamps. You can check the operational condition easily at your home. Just turn on the headlights, fog lamps, indicators and tail lamps.
  • Vehicle Exteriors: Check the vehicle body for any serious damages, like sharp edges and scratches. Your car should not be a potential danger to pedestrians or other cars. You should also take care in cleaning the car body before going to the MOT test. It is necessary as the testers can refuse to give a safety certificate to a dirty vehicle.

Maintain the good condition of these vehicle parts for successful MOT Testing in Hove, Brighton. For proper assistance, you can consult Rapid Auto Centre. They have a professional team who can give attention to keep your car up and running. They can also repair the damage to your car.

3 Points to Keep in Mind While Selecting MOT Testing Service Provider

MOT Testing Service Provider

MOT test is a compulsory car test that every car needs to pass to ensure that it has maintained sufficient safety norms before moving out into the road. The test involves checking the safety belts, tyre and engine conditions, car body parts, and the car’s battery. Once your car has passed the MOT test in Brighton, you can ride it on the streets without any fear.

However, before selecting a service provider for MOT testing in Brighton, make sure you check these points.

Good features of an MOT service provider

Experience with MOT service

To conduct the MOT service effectively, the service provider must know the technicalities. Hence, always approach the one who has sufficient knowledge and expertise in MOT testing. An experienced service provider will know the importance of MOT tests and guide the car owner accordingly.

Relevant testing tools

It would be best always to visit the provider who has a relevant set of tools and technologies that they can use without fail to get accurate MOT results. Testing faulty or outdated tools can make your car fail the MOT test. The service provider must be able also to repair the problems so that they can make your car ready for the MOT test.

Advanced diagnostic steps

The main motto of getting MOT tests for the car is to check the functionality and safety of the car. Hence, using advanced technologies and tools to do the same is necessary. Hire a service provider who uses the most advanced category of MOT testing tools so that you can get accurate results for your car. The service provider must inform you if there are issues with the car.


At Rapid Auto Centre, we provide reputable garage services from top-quality MOT testers who can help you secure your MOT tests without fail. Check our website for further details.

4 Things that can go Wrong if Regular Car Servicing is Avoided

4 Things that can go Wrong if Regular Car Servicing is Avoided

A car owner’s real responsibility starts after the car has been purchased. Car servicing is among the vital responsibilities that shouldn’t be avoided at any cost. However, to car owners, servicing seems like an additional expense. Especially if the car has been purchased recently, the car owner feels that servicing the same is a futile expense. However, like a human body, car’s function well when they are treated well. Each car has its defined period of performance. Pushing the same can result in damaging the car.

You can avoid irrelevant repair costs if you service the cars effectively. Even to pass the MOT test effectively, you must keep servicing your car regularly. Take a look at some of the issues that will definitely haunt you if you don’t service your car properly.

What happens to the car if it’s not serviced properly?

Sudden breakdowns

To keep the optimum level of performance in place, you need to take your car for regular servicing. If you avoid the same, you might face sudden breakdowns that can put you in trouble. Moreover, untimely damages occur when the car is not serviced properly. Hence approach professionals for car service in Brighton, Hove at least once a month.

Reduction in car’s lifespan

If you keep on avoiding regular servicing it will result in a reduced lifespan of the car. Like a human body, a car needs nourishment from time to time. Unchecked breakdowns and increased usage can cause your car to get old easily. Let’s say that your car has a lifespan of 10 years; lack of servicing will automatically reduce it to 5 years.

Expensive commuting

The car’s fuel economy is affected by several factors like engine’s performance, tyre pressure, and improper care. When these factors are not taken care of, the fuel consumption of the car increases. Hence, if you think of avoiding the servicing expenses, then instead, you’re wasting a lot of money for the high fuel consumption.

Inappropriate resale value

It will get difficult to find a buyer for a car with poor performance. The resale value of the car generally decreases when the car is not serviced properly. Moreover, the car’s performance is affected when the servicing is avoided; hence inconsistent resale value occurs.

To avoid these problems, take your car for servicing at Rapid Auto Centre, one of Brighton’s reputable and premier garage services. We provide complete car body services at the most affordable rates in town. Visit our garage today and improve your car’s performance.

4 Signs that can Fail an MOT Testing of your Car

4 Signs that can Fail an MOT Testing of your Car

MOT tests are unavoidable and hence should be voluntarily undertaken by all car owners. This test has been designed to check the running conditions of your car. Hence be a responsible citizen and get your MOT testing done as early as possible. You can easily clear the tests if you have good car maintenance. However, if your car suffers problems, then it will surely fail in the MOT. A failing certificate points to the fact that the car is not safe on the road.

Here are some common signs that result in MOT failures.

Broken bulbs

Lights are essential for the car if you want to drive the same at night. Without the signal lights, you won’t be able to communicate with other road users. Hence during an MOT test, this is a high priority concern. If you avoid mending the signal lights and indicators, your car will fail the test for sure. Hence keep them clean and fix them well before you take your car for MOT tests.

Damaged brake pads

Brakes are the most important part of the car. Especially for driving the car during the monsoons and snows, having a good hold over the brake pad is essential. If you hear any grinding or squealing sound while applying the brake, then they are sure shot signs of brake problems. Fix them before you take your car for MOT tests. This is a very important cause behind the failure of the test.

Damaged suspension

It’s very common for cars to hit potholes now and then. Hence by looking under the vehicle, you might not understand the suspension issues. Rather keep your ears open and look out for the sounds that suggest that your suspension has been damaged. If the mechanics feel that your suspension is damaged, they’ll surely fail you in the MOT tests.

Blocked windscreen

For safe driving facilities, you must be able to see the road ahead clearly. If your windscreen becomes obscured, then there’s a high probability of facing accidents. Thus, during the MOT tests, windscreen wipers and the condition of the screen are checked thoroughly. These damages are easy to fix. Hence get them repaired before you go for an MOT test.

If you’re facing any minor or major car problems, bring your car to Rapid Auto Centre. Our reliable and experienced team of mechanics will service every aspect of your car and make it eligible for passing the MOT test in one go. We also offer affordable MOT tests and high-quality repairs. Hire us and be safe on the road.