Do You Have a Classic Vehicle MOT Testing Facts that You Should Know

Classic cars are a valuable possession for vehicle enthusiasts. While most keep them as an item for showcasing their choice of luxury, a large number of people still drive them with a few restoration works. For these types of vehicles, the MOT Test requirements are a bit complex.

The Rules for MOT Testing for a Vintage Car:

If you are in possession of a classic car currently, you must adhere to the various MOT rules that apply to them. While some cars are exempt from this vehicular test, some may need greater attention than modern vehicles. It is important to communicate with your nearby source for MOT Testing in Hove to clarify these facts.

Major Requirements for Classic Vehicle MOT Testing:

In this blog, we discuss the common questions regarding MOT Tests for classic vehicles. These will help you gather some vital information and proceed accordingly.

Do You Really Need MOT for Your Classic Car?

In certain scenarios, you may be prompted to take your vintage ride for an MOT test. However, if the vehicle was registered 40 years back and has not undergone any technical changes in the last three decades, you may not need to take it to an MOT Testing source.

What is Considered a Substantial Technical Change for the Cars?

One can find out a number of factors while looking for substantial changes in a classic vehicle. These changes should not have been done at least for the last three decades. The main components added in the ‘substantial mechanical changes’ are:

  • Changes to the engine and number of cylinders
  • Specific changes to the chassis and subframe
  • Modification to the axle or running gear, i.e. steering or suspension

How to Declare a Classic Car for MOT Exemption?

To make your vehicle eligible for MOT Exemption, the vehicle must undergo the DVLA historical vehicle registration process. Here, you need to fill out a form, either online or offline. In this form, you must produce details about the vital details of the vehicle. You may also have to produce vehicle tax reminders and insurance certificates.

These are a few important requirements that you must remember for MOT Testing in Hove. You can follow these to keep your classic possession updated to shape. For better assistance, you can get in touch with Rapid Auto Centre. As a trusted source for MOT Tests, we have served a number of customers in the last few years. To learn more about our service, you can visit our website today.

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