mot certificate

The MOT Test is an important annual test related to your car maintenance. It is regarded both as a moral obligation and a legal requirement. The main objective of receiving an MOT Certificate is to ensure your car is suitable for driving. It also ensures that it doesn’t pose a threat to the passengers or pedestrians.

Driving without MOT is Illegal:

Nearly in all circumstances, driving without an MOT certificate is deemed illegal. If your MOT Certificate is older than three years, you should visit an MOT Testing in Hove. The test can help you solve most of the vehicular faults or issues. As a result, you can restore the standard of driving your vehicle on the roads.

Penalties for Not Taking Out an MOT Certified Vehicle:

In this blog, you can get a detailed discussion about the consequences of driving your car without an MOT certificate.

Penalties: When you cannot show an updated MOT Certificate upon request, you are liable to pay hefty fines. According to a minor change in MOT Laws in 2018, the fines can go up to £1000. In case your car has some dangerous faults, you may have to cough up a higher amount. In addition to that, you will receive three points against your licence. If you get fined twice in three years for not driving with an MOT, you may be banned from driving for six months.

Insurance and Other Benefits: The financial benefits against your car will also become null and void when you drive without MOT. The car insurance providers generally certify a car against insurance after checking all the documents. If your car is not roadworthy, they have all the reasons to remove your vehicle from their insurance.

Parking: It is illegal to park a car on a public road like a Highway which has lived up to its MOT certification period. If it’s reported, your car can be seized, and you have to pay a hefty fine. You will face this ordeal even if you have fully insured and cleared the taxes of the car.
To avoid all these tough situations and recurrent fines, it’s better to get your car MOT Certified on time. If you want it done from a well-known source, you can visit Rapid Auto Centre. We are one of the leading names in MOT Testing in Hove. Our business is a Class 4 MOT Testing Centre. We have all the usual equipment and technical assistance. To know more, you can visit our website today.

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