Signs That Your Car Needs Brake Repairs to Ensure Safety

Regular car servicing is important for a safer and smoother driving experience. Whether it’s the brakes or any other parts of your car, a professional mechanic will identify the problems early and fix them. You should visit the garage company, experienced in providing a range of garage services in Brighton. Here are some signs that indicate your car brakes need to be repaired or replaced.

How to Understand If Your Car Brakes is Damaged

  1. High-pitched Screeching: Pay attention when you hear a loud screeching sound while applying brakes. However, it doesn’t mean it will give out any minute. It comes from a tiny metal piece built into your brake pads to tell you when the pads are getting low and need replacement soon. You can go to a professional mechanic to assist you.
  2. Wear and Tear: Inspect your brake pads. You can see them between the wheels’ spokes, pressed against a metal rotor. Pads less than a quarter inch thick need to be replaced.
  3. Brake Pedal Vibration: Wrapped rotors cause vibration or pulsating via the brake pedal. However, not just irresponsible braking causes warping. Extremely old and thin rotors are also vulnerable to warping and need attention.
  4. Screeching Despite New Pads: Not all the high-pitched screeching or other noises from your brakes hint at brake pad replacement. Sometimes it also means your rotors are glazed, resulting from excessive braking. It eventually heats up and burns the metal. A dark ring or blue marks on the rotors ask for a replacement. 
  5. Slow Stopping Response: If you’re in a situation that requires applying brakes quickly, but it feels like the brakes aren’t functioning fast enough or are responding slowly, this could indicate a leak in the braking system. 
  6. Extremely Sensitive Brakes: If even the gentlest touch on brakes jerks your car to a stop, you need a brake fluid exchange or your rotors have worn down unevenly. 
  7. Driveway Puddle: Check under your car to see if your brake system is leaking fluid. 

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