3 Points You Must Check After Car Servicing is Over

3 Points You Must Check After Car Servicing is Over

It is important to check and be sure of a few points before taking the car handover from the service centre. Car owners often make the mistake of taking the car out of the garage without checking the parts and changes that have been done in the same. Once the car is out of the service centre, the mechanics will not be liable for any problems or defects that might crop up in your car. Moreover, It is always advisable to take your car to a professional garage for car service in Hove. They are experienced, authentic and reliable and will provide you with the best services.

If you’re a novice in matters of cars, then here’s a list of points you can check from your end when the garage is done with the servicing part.

What things must you remember before taking a car out of the garage after servicing?

Match the work with the job sheet

After the service, the courage to prepare a job sheet mentioning the successful completion of the service. Before you take your car out of the service centre, make sure that you check the changes that have been done and mentioned in the job sheet. in case of any missing service actions, you must communicate the same with the mechanic and get it done at the earliest. The job sheet is two-way communication between the mechanic and the client to ensure that the work has been completed without any flaw.

Check the condition of the engine oil

You must check the engine oil condition every time you take the card out of the service centre. If the service mechanics change your car’s filter, then the engine’s level must have changed as well. If the mechanic has replaced the engine oil, you must check the current level to ensure everything is fine.

Check the bill in detail

Every service centre will prepare a detailed itemised bill after servicing the car, showing different expenses incurred. As a smart car owner, you must always check the bill in detail and match the same with the services that have been provided for your car. If you forget to check the bill, you might end up paying more than what has been given.

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Top 3 Measures Taken by Your Garage for Annual Car Servicing

Top 3 Measures Taken by Your Garage for Annual Car Servicing

Owning a car gives you many responsibilities. One of these is to take it for a regular servicing session. It is necessary to maintain the good condition and smooth run of your vehicle.

A Garage Gives the Best Assistance:

To better focus on your car problems, it is advisable to visit a professional garage. They have trained mechanics who can provide the best assistance for your car’s maintenance. They follow some basic routines to ensure a smooth run.

Popular Works in Annual Car Servicing:

In this blog, we will talk about the top 3 maintenance processes taken by the mechanics. These are the basic works that keep your car in fine running condition.

  1. Checking the Battery: The battery is important equipment in your car. It undergoes a lot of work during a drive. So your car servicing centre gives attention in checking its condition. The garage will replace the battery if they find any issues related to starting the vehicle or maintaining a steady charge.
  2. Changing the oils: The engine requires lubrication more often than you think. If you use it frequently but do not take it for regular maintenance, you may face some problems. The engine oil should be changed whenever your car completes a total run of 3000-6000 miles.
  3. Tyre Alignment: The car’s tyre needs the most attention for a hassle-free drive. After a long run, the tyres may get uneven due to the pressure. Tell your garage to take a look at the tyres if you want better control.

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Time To Know The Difference Between MOT Testing And Car Servicing

Difference Between MOT Testing And Car Servicing

If you are one of those car owners who feel that car servicing and MOT are the same, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Get in touch with an experienced mechanic in Hove and they will let you know the basic differences between them. It will help you know which one is better and which one your car needs. Just make sure that the garage you are approaching has years of experience in servicing cars of every make and model. The mechanics will visually inspect the car and let you know the various steps involved in car servicing and MOT.

What Is MOT Test?

Take your car for the MOT test and your car will be visually inspected by the mechanic. They won’t dismantle or strip down any component during the inspection. They will also let you know whether any of the components require repair or replacement. The process followed during the MOT test is the same for cars of every make and model as a Government agency sets the inspection criteria.

What Is Car Servicing?

The inspection process followed during car servicing is more or less similar to the MOT test inspection. Just taking your car for the MOT test isn’t sufficient, it might also require car servicing after every few months. The professional offering the service will assess the condition of your car parts and let you know whether they need repair or replacement.

The car servicing process differs from one garage to another. It is also dependent on the make and model of your car. A reputed mechanic will always follow the guidelines set by the car manufacturer. As far as the cost of car servicing is concerned, you might have to spend a few extra pounds if they say that any of the car parts have stopped performing properly.

What Type Of Car Servicing Do You Require With An MOT?

Take your car to a reputed garage providing MOT testing in Hove and their mechanic will help you book the right service with an MOT. They will either suggest you opt for a ‘full’ or ‘partial’ service. Once you get a list of all the car parts which have failed during the MOT test, you can service them and your car will pass the test. Schedule the MOT test and car servicing together if you want to improve the safety and performance of your car.