How You Can Keep Your Car Cool by Maintaining the AC

Car maintenance

The car AC is an often overlooked facet of car maintenance. And this summer is a great occasion to remember that you need a regular tune-up for your car AC. A car AC is not merely your own source of comfort. It is also indispensable for safety on the road. Moreover, a properly tuned-up AC is essential to ensure clear visibility on the road by preventing window fogging. This becomes an important issue during humid conditions. Hence, you need to reach out to a car maintenance company in Portslade to tune up your air conditioning system regularly.

Four indicators that your AC system requires attention

So, how would you know that it is time for a regular tune-up for your air conditioning system? Here, we have highlighted some potential clues that your car’s AC needs a tune-up.

Feeble airflow

Does the air that comes out of your vent lacks a punch? Does it feel weaker than usual? This could indicate an obstruction or other related issues in the vent.

Warm air

Do you feel that the air from the vents is not cool enough? This might be indicative of the need for a refrigerant recharge. This might as well prompt a compressor inspection or other necessary repairs.

Unpleasant odour

Unwanted smells from the AC vents are yet another sign of AC dysfunction. They could indicate mould or bacterial growth within the system.

Unusual sounds

Do you hear uncommon noises like rattling or hissing coming out from your AC? There might be a problem with the AC compressors or other components.

In-car air conditioning has two extremely important roles: temperature control and filtering. Both these functions are covered by our comprehensive list of checks and replacements in our car air conditioning service.

We can clear the clogged filter. We can also help in keeping out the pollen, airborne contaminants and unpleasant odours. In case of the cooling functionality, our skilled experts will not only carry out a car air conditioning recharge, they will also work through a number of tests to declare that the system is free of fault.

In case of filtering, our service includes replacing the disposable filter components. If you need any of these services along with car maintenance in Portslade, reach out to Rapid Auto Centre. We can help you with all kinds of repair and maintenance services.