What are the truths behind the MOT Tests?

What are the truths behind the MOT Tests?

For those who are aware of the term MOT test, it is an annual test which is performed to check the vehicle safety, conditions of the vehicle parts, judge the roadworthiness aspects and the type of emissions the car is producing. In simple terms, a car is required to pass the test to be eligible to be on the road. However, during an MOT test, the engine clutch and gearbox condition remain unchecked.

It is always illegal to drive a car without a valid MOT. If your card has failed the test, it is better to get it checked by a professional mechanic and approach the centre for MOT testing in Hove to fix the issues that are persisting in your car.

However, a few myths related to this testing process need to be discarded before going to a testing centre. Read on and get enlightened.

3 common myths related to MOT tests

Myth 1: Car fails MOT Test if lights don’t work
Many car owners feel that if the car’s front and rear end lights are not working correctly, the car will fail the test. If there is a problem with the bulbs, don’t panic; get them changed before you take your car out on the road. However, this is not a legal requirement and hence doesn’t affect the result of the MOT test.

Myth 2: Spare tyres must be legal

If the spare tyre is kept in the car and is not used during the mot test, it doesn’t play any role in the result. Many believe that the spare tyre must be legal for the car to pass the test.
However, this is a myth that needs to be discarded.

Myth 3: No insurance, no problem

Regardless of circumstances, a car’s insurance is a must and is a legal requirement. Although this is not a part of the MOT testing process, even if you pass the test, you may get into trouble on the road if you drive a car without insurance.

At Rapid Auto Centre, we provide complete MOT testing services. We have a team of mechanics who can help you with MOT tests. To know more check our website.

Useful Tips to Consider for A Successful MOT Testing

Useful Tips to Consider for A Successful MOT Testing

MOT Testing is an integral part of maintaining your car’s safety and functionality. After passing the test, you get a safety certificate valid for a year. You should maintain it regularly if your car is older than three years.

Reasons for unsuccessful MOT Testing:

Various defects in the car prevent the car owners from clearing the MOT Test. 40% of the first-timers fail the test for various reasons. A thorough check by a professional car servicing before going to an MOT testing station can help to eliminate a lot of issues.

Maintain these Parts to Pass the MOT Testing:

In this blog, you can find some useful tips to find out the issues in your car. Fixing these issues can help you clear the MOT testing in Hove, Brighton.

  • Tread Depth: This is an important safety feature related to the car tyre. Maintaining the tread depth of the tyre is integral for better gripping on the road. You might fail the MOT test if your tyre tread depth is below 1.6mm. An expert in car servicing can find out the actual tread depth of the tyres.
  • Brakes: You should check the brakes of the car before going for an MOT test. You should not ignore if your car makes a screeching noise or pulls to the side. These problems are the main reasons you could fail the MOT test. You should maintain the fluid levels of the brake too.
  • Lights: The car lamps are a big reason why people fail the MOT test. You should see that all of them are running in perfect working condition. Don’t take time to replace the damaged or faulty car lamps. You can check the operational condition easily at your home. Just turn on the headlights, fog lamps, indicators and tail lamps.
  • Vehicle Exteriors: Check the vehicle body for any serious damages, like sharp edges and scratches. Your car should not be a potential danger to pedestrians or other cars. You should also take care in cleaning the car body before going to the MOT test. It is necessary as the testers can refuse to give a safety certificate to a dirty vehicle.

Maintain the good condition of these vehicle parts for successful MOT Testing in Hove, Brighton. For proper assistance, you can consult Rapid Auto Centre. They have a professional team who can give attention to keep your car up and running. They can also repair the damage to your car.

Why is MOT Testing Important for Your Vehicle?

Why is MOT Testing Important for Your Vehicle

What is MOT?

The MOT test is carried out annually to ensure vehicle safety, roadworthiness and reduce exhaust emissions. It is mandatory in the UK for every vehicle with a current life period of three years and more. It involves a thorough check of your cars so that it is fit to meet the environmental and road safety standards.

Why is it necessary?

The Ministry of Transport Tests or MOT plays a vital role in your UK car ownership. A mechanic checks your vehicle and ensures that it isn’t producing any excessive exhaust emissions. It reduces the harmful impact of vehicle emissions on the environment and promotes your safety. If you have a new car, it won’t need an MOT test.

It is a legal requirement to ensure that your vehicle is safe to drive and reduces the risk of breakdowns or accidents. If you are caught driving a car without a valid MOT certificate, you will be fined.

How long does it take?

It usually takes around 45-60 minutes to get your MOT done. However, if your vehicle fails the MOT check, it will take longer as repairs are to be done. You can wait while your car is getting checked for MOT.

How is it done?

MOT Testing in Brighton involves a series of checks on your vehicle, including:

● The condition of lights, horn, battery, electrical wiring, brake lights, indicators, and rear fog lights are tested.
● Steering, brakes, suspension bars, road wheels and tyres, seat belts, registration plates, VIN, speedometer are checked.
● The exhaust, emissions and fuel system of your vehicle are placed under scrutiny.
● Mirrors, wipers and windscreen are also checked.
● However, it does include the gearbox, clutch and engine.

Rapid Auto Centre facilitates class 4 MOT Testing in Brighton and provides advice or onsite repairs in case your car fails the test. They have highly qualified mechanics and top-class equipment to check your vehicle for MOT thoroughly. They ensure that your vehicle is safe, secure, in good condition and doesn’t suffer from any significant leakage.

4 Things You Should Really Know about MOT Testing of Your Car

4 Things You Should Really Know about MOT Testing of Your Car

MOT testing is compulsory for all types of vehicles in the UK. Ministry of Transport or MOT wants to know if your vehicle is in good condition or not. The test is an annual examination of your vehicle to ensure that it is risk-free to drive that certain vehicle on the road.

There are plenty of garage and car shops that offer MOT testing in Hove. However, only certified and experienced car mechanics should offer this service to the car owners. You need to look for a class 4 MOT testing centre to get authentic and reliable services for your vehicle.

Before that, you need to know a few things about the MOT test.

What Happens in MOT Testing

Every single part of your vehicle will be tested by the experts to ensure their good quality, excellent form and proper functionality. The test is also conducted to check if it is risk-free to drive that vehicle on roads.

What Can Be the Result

Your car either pass or fail in MOT testing. If your vehicle does not have any fault, then you can get the MOT pass certificate. On the other hand, there can be faults in a vehicle which can be categorised in three categories – Minor, Major and Dangerous. Cars with Minor Faults can obtain the MOT certificate your car will not consider as a roadworthy vehicle. In case of dangerous and major faults, your car will fail the test and need serious attention.

Where Can You Have MOT Testing

If your car is running more than three years on the roads, then it must have the annual MOT test. You should take your car to an approved MOT test centre for the testing. These centres have certified and experienced car mechanics who can check the car for MOT test thoroughly. They give the results that are authentic and useful for every car owner.

What If the Car Fails

If your car fails the MOT testing, then you will be informed about the faults for which the car fails. Then you can get the repairing and fixing jobs done in that same centre. They also offer a re-testing within the ten days from the original test.

Rapid Auto Centre is one such place where you can get the best MOT test in Brighton. Please get in touch with us for more details about our MOT testing solutions.

Time To Know The Difference Between MOT Testing And Car Servicing

Difference Between MOT Testing And Car Servicing

If you are one of those car owners who feel that car servicing and MOT are the same, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Get in touch with an experienced mechanic in Hove and they will let you know the basic differences between them. It will help you know which one is better and which one your car needs. Just make sure that the garage you are approaching has years of experience in servicing cars of every make and model. The mechanics will visually inspect the car and let you know the various steps involved in car servicing and MOT.

What Is MOT Test?

Take your car for the MOT test and your car will be visually inspected by the mechanic. They won’t dismantle or strip down any component during the inspection. They will also let you know whether any of the components require repair or replacement. The process followed during the MOT test is the same for cars of every make and model as a Government agency sets the inspection criteria.

What Is Car Servicing?

The inspection process followed during car servicing is more or less similar to the MOT test inspection. Just taking your car for the MOT test isn’t sufficient, it might also require car servicing after every few months. The professional offering the service will assess the condition of your car parts and let you know whether they need repair or replacement.

The car servicing process differs from one garage to another. It is also dependent on the make and model of your car. A reputed mechanic will always follow the guidelines set by the car manufacturer. As far as the cost of car servicing is concerned, you might have to spend a few extra pounds if they say that any of the car parts have stopped performing properly.

What Type Of Car Servicing Do You Require With An MOT?

Take your car to a reputed garage providing MOT testing in Hove and their mechanic will help you book the right service with an MOT. They will either suggest you opt for a ‘full’ or ‘partial’ service. Once you get a list of all the car parts which have failed during the MOT test, you can service them and your car will pass the test. Schedule the MOT test and car servicing together if you want to improve the safety and performance of your car.