Vehicle Identification Number

Vehicle Identification Number

If a vehicle was first used on or after the 1st of August 1980, it should not have more than one vehicle identification number present on it. The same number is permitted to be displayed in multiple places.


Seat belts

All compulsory seatbelts must be in place, in good condition, of the correct type, properly operational and securely anchored. Seats – The driver and front passenger seats should be secure while all backseats must be securable in an upright position.


Car Doors

Must open and close properly and latch while in the closed position. Front doors must be openable from both outside and inside the vehicle. Rear doors will need to be opened to allow our engineers access to testable elements.


Car horn

Must work and be of a legal type.

Registration Plate


The letters and numbers should be properly formatted and the plate itself should be in good condition, fully legible and securely attached to the car.

Fuel System

Fuel System of Car

The fuel cap must fasten and seal correctly and not allow leaks. Please ensure that if your fuel cap has a key, you bring it with you so we can open it up.


Car Looking Glass

Securely fastened to the vehicle and in usable condition.


Brakes repair-car service Hove

Must perform properly when put through an efficiency test, which will evaluate their condition. Wheels will stay on while they are tested.

Exhaust System

Exhaust-System- garage services Portslade

Must be secure and complete, silence effectively and not have major leakage.